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Sensa – old folk custom from Dubasnica

Sensa is an old folk custom being held in Dubasnica through the centuries. It is a Shepherd's Running Competition, or popularly known as:“Run for a Cheese“(“Tec za sir“). It comes from the occupation people of Dubasnica once mostly had-livestock breeding.

Sensa (latin.Ascension,Ascension), is a popular name for the Ascension Day (latin. Ascensio Domini) or Ascension.Sensa is a feast, celebrated as a folk custom held on the fortieth day after Easter. It is a feast- the same as Easter,(held on different date every year)-celebrating Christ's ascension to heaven, the fortieth day after the resurrection. In the Parish Church of Dubasnica in Bogovići, cheese is brought to the altar during Mass, accompained by the sound of sopela(local music instrument). According to a centuries-old pastoral custom, after the Evening mass people gather along the road in front of the Parish Church exhorting young men running in pairs for a cheese. Number of participants is not limited, there used to be five to fifteen couples participating in a competition.

There are two races, starting from the Parish Church to Pavočićeva gumna, about 200 to 300 metres, so each competitor has a chance to get a cheese.

When, once the village leader, or nowedays a Mayor, gives each competitor a cheese, gathered people greet the men with applause. Next to the Church of Povlane, along the sound of sopele, people dance and sing „po staru“(the old fashioned way).

People treat themselves to cheese, presnac,krostule, fritule(local delicacies), baked by women from Dubasnica, as well as with domestic wine. In the past few years the Association of livestock breeders from Dubasnica has been collecting cheese for this event and thus gives support to the local pastoral tradition , nowedays cherished by young people of different professions.

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