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Malinska, beach Maestral, 11 AM

The program and competition schedule:
09:30 - Registration of competitors in front of the Beach Bar Siesta
10:45 - completion of the registration race at 3000 and 1500m
10:50 - operating Chief Judge and muster swimmers
11:00 - Start of the race at 3000m (limit 90 ') and 1500m (limit 45 ')
Note: the following limits to competitors who have not passed the objective, considered swimmers
12:35 - START children's race at 100m
12:45 - dinner (meadow in front of the Beach bar Siesta)
13:30 - Awards ceremony


Description and characteristics of the track on which the competition takes place:
Racing at 3000 and 1500m will start in the sea in front of Beaches Krk. Pliva is approximately 600 m along the psychological barrier beach Krk, or Haludovo, after turning returns visiting buoys left shoulder to the finish line which is close to the start in front of the beach Krk. The races 3000 and 1500m to swim with a simultaneous start in the same route, whereby the swim 3000m 2 circuit.
Since the swim near the beach swimmers are recommended to use the swimming cap, in order to more easily distinguish them from swimmers.
Swimmers controls judge from the boat, followed by a boat from which to control all competitors.
Children race for children born 2004 and younger (permitted escort parents or experienced swimmers for children 2011 and younger) swims in the length of about 100m in front of the beach Krk.

Sign appearances
Participation in the event is reported to the application in this particular time.
You can register:
the first online web forms KDP Littoral
second on race day

A competitor is eligible to play after a duly completed application form to perform at least 15 minutes before the competition.

The amount of fees and method of payment:
The fee for the race in 3000 and 1500m is 80 HRK for payment of the submitted until 23.8.2018. on IBAN Club: HR7924840081105746935, or HRK 100 for subsequent payment or payments in registration shortly before the race, while for children to race in the 100m fee 50kn to 23.8., and 60kn on the day of the race.

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